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Finding a “Bitcoin Friendly” Travel Destination

BITCOIN friendly TRAVEL destination

Investing in cryptocurrency has become a very popular alternative for anyone looking for a higher risk/reward in their overall return. Led by Bitcoin as the biggest digital currency in the world, fortunes have already been made and lost.

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When it comes to actually buying something with bitcoins or other cryptos, new and interesting options continue to expand. In a recent post on The Block by Isabel Wood and reposted on Yahoo Finance, the concept of crypto-tourism was explored. New York and London were listed as the two most “crypto friendly” cities in the world. The main reason why was their greater acceptance of bitcoins as payment for various products and services.

How To Find A Finding a “Bitcoin Friendly” Travel Destination?

The idea of traveling to vacation destinations where you can use your digital currency for payment is growing in popularity. One of the travel sites mentioned was Agnes Water on the east coast of Australia.

This tiny coastal destination only has a population of 2000. However, it currently offers close to 40 merchants that have the means to accept bitcoin. Vendors are paid in fiat and the point of purchase, but the actual sale is made in cryptos. This travel spot boasts 60 to 70 percent of the businesses in town accepting crypto right now. Transactions are processed with an iPad and a pre-loaded digital wallet.

Flights to Agnes Water can be paid for with bitcoin, litecoin and BNB (Binance coin). This service is provided by TravelByBit and it has been up and running since June of last year. Company CEO Caleb Yeoh was quoted in The Block as saying:

“The key thing we’re doing is allowing people to live completely on crypto if they want to. All the way; from flights, accommodations, shuttle taxis, all the way up to this town. I want to invite anyone to try.”

The main attraction for visitors is related to the crypto way of life. This town offers a chance to see the adoption of crypto into real life through an active digital wallet. Brisbane International Airport as expanded its crypto offerings to a trio of duty-free merchants to enhance the whole digital adventure.

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