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What is Blockchain Gaming?


Today’s modern gaming industry covers quite a bit of ground. Online gaming in its most basic form, might refer to eSports. This includes video games such as Fortnight, Call to Duty, and League of Legends. Gaming on another level might actually pertain to gambling. Those two terms are often interchanged in the industry. More and more online gaming sites offer access to real money, Las Vegas-style casino gambling.

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What is Blockchain Gaming?

There are also quite a few social gaming sites. Furthermore, this is where you can play a wide variety of games for fun. Moreover, this includes traditional gambling games such as slots and video poker. No money is exchanged since you play for free.

A growing offshoot of both real money and social gaming is crypto gaming. This is also referred to as “blockchain gaming” or ‘chain games’. We will give you our description or blockchain technology.

Learn What Blockchain Gaming Is

“A decentralized, unchangeable ledger of transactions involving digital data. Every transaction on a blockchain makes up a block, which is locked in a chain of similar blocks.”

Blockchain technology is closely associated with cryptocurrency. This includes Bitcoin (BTC) as the world’s most recognizable crypto.

In recent years, blockchain technology has collided with the gaming industry. The result is the concept of blockchain gaming or crypto gaming. The same basic principles of how digital transactions take place have been applied to games.

Blockchain gaming covers quite a bit of territory as well. This leaves the entire category open to a wide number of interpretations.

On the simplest level, there are crypto gaming sites using BTC and other digital currencies as the primary banking methods. You can still play online casino games for real money. However, depositing and withdrawing actual funds will be in the form of cryptos.

Using a more detailed approach, blockchain gaming may refer to the buying and selling of different digital assets. These games are not offered through gambling sites. They would lean much closer to the social gaming concept.

There are some good examples of ‘chain games’ to better classify the segment.

  1. Crypto Kitties lets players collect virtual cats. They can be bred, bought and sold. This game runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Virtual cats have been sold for as much as $100,000 through this game.
  2. Age of Rust is another popular chain game. Players receive rewards for solving puzzles. Those rewards can be in the form of cryptocurrency.
  3. Crypto Space Commander is based on the mining of cryptocurrency. It can then be traded or sold. Players can even battle for additional funds.

Most chain games have been developed by independent design studios. A bigger commercial developer is Ubisoft. The company created an offshoot of Minecraft in 2018 called HashCraft. Players are able to design private islands for other players to visit. These creations are stored on the blockchain, which is decentralized and secure.

The fact that these games are decentralized make them more player oriented. Players themselves take ownership of the games. Blockchains are not controlled by any one commercial entity.

What is Blockchain Gaming?
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What is Blockchain Gaming?
What is Blockchain Gaming? Learn What Blockchain Gaming Is & Find Examples Of The Best Block Chain Gambling Sites
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