The Crypto Market Continues to Contract in Value | News & Predictions
The Crypto Market Continues to Contract in Value
May 30, 2018
Fitrova ($FRV) And ZetaMicron ($ZMC) Surge Over 300% | Crypto Predictions
Fitrova ($FRV) And ZetaMicron ($ZMC) Surge Over 300%
June 3, 2018

UPay PrePaid Card Announces They Accept Bitcoin Cash

UPay PrePaid Card Announces They Accept Bitcoin Cash | Crypto News

Have You Heard That The UPay PrePaid Credit Card Announced That They Now Accept Bitcoin Cash In Addition To Bitcoins? The UPAY prepaid credit card is a combination of a digital wallet and payment processor. Now, this digital wallet introduces the ability to buy, sell and trade the latest cryptocurrency. The UPAY card has been growing their crypto offerings. Last year, they started to accept Bitcoin. Since then, they have not done much. However, in the latest press release, it appears they are have taken steps to increase their crypto offers.

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What Are The Benefits To Trading Bitcoin Cash With The UPAY Card?

The Army Of Bitcoin does not see big benefits of trading Bitcoin Cash with the UPAY card. Overall, we feel that Binance offers the best trading platform with the largest amount of cryptocurrencies. Also, we believe that the UPAY Card is not a full cryptocurrency exchange yet. However, the benefit we see is that we see is the USD/BTC and USD/BCH pairs. That said, this is something Binance does not offer. However, most people that buy and sell altcoins use coinbase or GDAX for USD/BTC and USD/BCH pairings. Nevertheless, this is a benefit to using the UPAY card.

Fulfilling Original Promise Of Bitcoin as ‘Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash?

Indeed, the UPAY Card appeared to make promises to their customers. Above all, these promises are to use Bitcoin as a ‘Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash. Furthermore, it appears that they have accomplished this with Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash. However, what is the benefit of using the UPAY Card over the Coinbase digital wallet card ?

Why Use The UPAY Card To Trade Bitcoin Cash Rather Than Coinbase?

We do not see the benefits. In fact, we feel that CoinBase and the GDAX offer more benefits. For example, you can trade, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Bitcoins at Coinbase and GDAX. For those that are not familiar with GDAX, they are Coinbase’s active trading platform. However, The folks at the UPAY card feel that there are more benefits.

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The Benefits Of Trading Bitcoin Cash Using The UPAY Card?

The UPAY Card press release has many benefits of using the UPAY card, rather than other services like Binance, Coinbase, and GDAX. Above all, they feel they fulfill their original promise, which is to make Bitcoin as ‘Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash. That said, we don’t doubt they fulfill their promises. Nevertheless, their promises do not equal the benefits Binance, GDAX and Coinbase offer. Also, based on the press release, they feel they empower Merchants and users with lower fees and more reliable confirmations.

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