July 3, 2019
Public Perception Bitcoin Bull Run

Public Perception of Bitcoin Surges During the Crypto’s Bull Run

Bitcoin as a digital currency is still in its infancy with the mainstream public. While many people will recognize the name, few have actually bought bitcoin […]
August 5, 2019
dedicated crypto and blockchain policy

Top Crypto CEO Seeks Dedicated Crypto & Blockchain Policy

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) & Top Crypto CEO Seeks More US Regulation of Industry for dedicated crypto and blockchain policy. There are two sides […]
August 10, 2019
Max Keiser Remains Bullish on Bitcoin Over Other Cryptos

Max Keiser Remains Bullish on Bitcoin Over Other Cryptos

When it comes to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) has been the dominating force since Day 1. Competitive options have cut into this early monopoly over the past […]
August 15, 2019
Cash App Bitcoin News

Cash App Nets $125 Million in Revenue for Square

Bitcoin (BTC) is constantly in the news because of its widely fluctuating market price. Billions have been made and billions have been lost for the leading […]